New Orleans rental properties are a great investment. However, most investors don’t have time to manage the day-to-day operations of their properties. With the right landlord services, property owners can benefit from ownership without having to be hands-on.

Redfish Property Management offers comprehensive investment property management services. We can take on the day-to-day operations while you focus on real estate investing. Property owners can also select from an array of realty management services depending on their needs.

Comprehensive Landlord Services

The revenue from rental properties can be impressive, but property management is a lot of work. Landlords who try to handle it on their own often end up burning out. It can also take up time you could spend growing your portfolio or working on your career.

With Redfish Property Management, investors can benefit from owning properties without having it take over their lives. The following are a few of the investment property management services we offer.

Trusted Realty Management Professionals

Leave the landlord services to the professionals! We are expert investment property management professionals. With our team, you get a full array of effective and efficient property management services.

Better yet, Billy Borrouso is a rental property owner as well as an investment property manager. He is also an experienced real estate agent and a licensed contractor. This unique combination of professional experience equips Billy with the skills and knowledge to help clients get more from their properties.

Redfish Property Management is a leading name for landlord services in New Orleans. You can leave the management work to us while you focus on your investment strategy. Reach out now! Click here to learn more about realty management services from Redfish Property Management.