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July 21, 2022
preventative property maintenance checklist

Preventative Property Maintenance Checklist for Landlords

If you’re looking for a preventive property maintenance checklist, we can help. As a landlord, you know first-hand how important it is to maintain the appearance and condition of your property. While you can’t prevent every issue, preventive maintenance can help reduce unexpected problems and keep your tenants happy. Here are some […]
July 14, 2022
hiring contractors for a rental property

6 Tips When Hiring Contractors for A Rental Property

Considering hiring a contractor for a rental property? Seems like it should be easier than it is. Here's some ideas to help that process.
July 7, 2022
managing your first rental property

What to Expect When Managing Your First Rental Property

Buying a rental property can be a great idea. It's a lot of work. Here are some ideas on what to expect managing your first rental property.
June 29, 2022
what first time landlords need to know

What First Time Landlords Need to Know

Being a new landlord can be challenging. Here's what first time landlords need to know in the New Orleans rental market.
June 15, 2022
rental documents landlords should keep

Rental Documents Landlords Should Keep – Part 1

There are a lot of legal issues that come with being a landlord making documentation a must. Here are documents landlords should keep. Part 1
February 2, 2022
lease loopholes

Common Lease Loopholes For Landlords

A lease or rental agreement specifies the terms between landlords and tenants in an occupancy relationship. Leases and rental agreements must address the basic parameters of the tenancy. Attention to any common lease loopholes will save you time and money during the tenants’ occupancy.  As a resource, we’ve put together a list […]